Dedicated to sharing Love

A blog to share the Love within my heart for Jesus Christ and others! I live in the beautiful city of Austin Texas. I am constantly seeking and serving the Lord and Others through the strength of my savior! Everything on this page including my photos and writing are original, feel free to use as you will but please consider showing the source of my work wherever it may land. Also you will find a link to my Facebook and Twitter pages as well which are a daily feed of my blog. God Bless


8 thoughts on “Dedicated to sharing Love

  1. Wow how beautiful u are! I visited Austin TX back in January for the 1st time. Although I ddn’t get to get out much b/c I was there for a team event I will be back in Austin next month (July 2013) & this time it’s for fun w/ my son! Everyone I know who lives in TX LOVES it there! My brother, you’re loved back! Thank you for your passion for Messiah!

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