Psalm 4:8


Praying for the U.S.

God! Thank you for the universe and your creation! We give thanks and all praise to your Son Jesus for allowing us the opportunity to choose Life, amongst so much evil & death daily! We come before you God asking you for healing, and strength for our sickness and the sickness of our family members! Cleanse us Lord! We need you NOW more than ever! Help us all to introduce kindness and love to hatred and anger, within our self and to others, through your Holy Spirit that washes us clean, daily! Protect our Country from the darkness around the world and the increasing darkness within our borders. Please comfort and keep safe those threatened and hurt by Hurricane Harvey and the Wildfires all along the West Coast! Please protect the people in the path of Hurricane Irma on the island of Puerto Rico and the other nearby Islands. Also God we ask for protection for your people all through Florida that could potentially get hit by Irma and people all throughout the US. Soften the heart of Our leader God to make wise decisions not only for this Country, but also that will be helpful to the people around the World. Please forgive us Jesus for ignoring your call, accept us as we are Lord. Cleanse our hearts to be more responsive to the Grace you so freely pour out when we come to you with arms wide open! We Love you Jesus,God,& Holy Spirt