Acts 3:19

God is patient and merciful to us, so much so, that we were even given this day and opportunity to breathe again and walk on the earth. Where is it that you are walking? What is it that you are running from?

What you are running from and where you are currently walking can determine the course of your whole life. Without Jesus if you are running from troubles, you certainly are walking into more. What pleasure or enjoyment is there in the constant pain and sadness or shame of our actions?

When God places within us the desire to worship Jesus Christ, we are forgiven our sins yet we continue to run from them as we know we are currently walking towards God’s grace which has already gone before us and placed within us!

My days in Christ are beautiful, I rejoice in the morning, am satisfied in the evening! When I was walking in the darkness the days were one. When God pulled me into the light, each individual day has meaning and a purpose!

I am learning to look upon and treat people with Love, learning to see them as image bearers of God. I am running away from looking upon others with lust, which was a desire of my hardened heart without the goodness of Christ!

I am learning to be thankful for what I have and where I am, no matter the situation or place. God is showing me that even if I had nothing, the best blessing on this earth which I should be thankful to have is a relationship with His Son Jesus Christ! I am running away from having anxiety or frustration for not getting my way, or the constant want of things I do not need!

Turning to Jesus Christ is not a set of behaviors, simply in prayer come before God and ask Him to open your heart and lead you into relationship with Jesus! Once your heart is open and you are walking in relationship with Jesus, know that God has Loved your before the foundations of the earth!  Why would we want to run away from God who has been with us all along? In obedience to His word, let us walk further into His Grace!

God Bless


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