This morning is a morning in our lives we all have the opportunity to begin anew! Each waking morning is an opportunity to put our trust and hope and strength in praising Jesus our Savior and walking in relationship with God!

Pray to the Lord and listen for the promises He is speaking through His word! Let go of what is holding you back, forgiveness will break those chains!

Stop looking at the problems in the lives of others and ask the Lord to help you work on the problems in your own. A clean heart, creates a clean view of the way you see others. Our perspectives are shattering, yet through the lenses of the Lord we are able to look on others with Love, not hatred or lust.

The Lord calls to you to embrace Life today, not to wait until your death bed and regret not having a fulfilling Life in Him!

Put your energies in praising Him not the world, He will meet you in this place! God Bless


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